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The Crowning

The Crowning

Executive-Producer – Ras Cos Tafari*
Harmony Vocals – Cos Tafari, Sis Cecille Ndebi*, Elisha Dinah, I Natural*, Sis Beloved*, Sis Judah*, Zebby Blax
Lead Vocals – Cos Tafari
Musician – Alpha & Omega, Bassie (5), Bongo Nomadix*, Cos Tafari, David Dan, I Natural*, Jonah Dan, Mark Sharples, Natty Nico*, Ras Muffet, Reuben Addis, Skorpi Gad
Vocals [Youth Vocals] – Arkology Youth Core

All Lyrics copyright 2007 Tafari Music. (Everald Collins)

Tracks 1 & 13: Recorded at Nomadix Studio, London
Tracks 2, 4 & 10: Recorded at Roots Injection Studio, London, England
Tracks 3, 7 & 11: Recorded at Ten Strings Studio, Leeds, England
Track 5: Recorded at The Dub Bunker and Alpha & Omega Studio, London
Tracks 6 & 9: Recorded at Studio 129h, Paris, France
Track 8: Recorded at The Dub Bunker, London, England
Tracks 12 & 14: Recorded at Unitone Studio, Bedfordshire, England

Mastered at Nomadix Studio, London, England

Distribution by I Negus Records Inc. (INRI), Jet Star & Roots Hi Tek
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    Track Listing
    1. The Crowning
    2. Praises
    3. Ah We Rasta
    4. Freedom
    5. Marching
    6. Do You Remember?
    7. Ethiopia
    8. Weh Yu A She
    9. Keep A Little Love
    10. Inna Inglan
    11. Contribute
    12. Oasis
    13. Life Is So Sweet
    14. Trumpet For Righteousness
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