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Greetings & Cultural Love!

Welcome to the on-line archives of Ras Cos Tafari.  

I established I Negus Records International (INRI) in 2000 initially as a record label to release musical works. This has evolved to include some of the broader cultural works I have been involved in over the years. Records of a few high profile community projects are accessible here including the unprecedented Exhibition entitled ‘Ras Tafari The Majesty & The Movement’. This landmark Exhibition launched at the National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa on May 25th 2014 and went on to be exhibited in Jamaica in April 2016. Renamed ‘Rastafari-in-Motion’ later in 2016 it went on to be displayed at the iconic Black Cultural Archives in Windrush Square, London for three months followed by tenures in East and South London venues. Listen out for future locations to be announced. Click on the Rastafari In Motion tab above for historical Newsletters and Chronicles. 

Ras Cos Tafari Flyer for New Vinyl Release I an I
New Poetry Book by Cos Tafari

Various items of interest are accessible on the drop down tabs for viewing including a wide range of photographs capturing the journey of 'time and experience' in Jamaica, Africa and the United Kingdom. 


'I Negus Records International' expanded in 2020 to include a literary arm in the form of the INRI Magazines and includes articles from myself and a range of contributors across the world involved in the creative arts or cultural activism. All previous editions are available free on this website

 A selection of tracks from my catalogue of music are purchasable here along with brand new releases including a book of conscious Poetry. Check in regularly for Words of Wisdom to strengthen your day. 


Guidance & Jah Love!


Cos Wadadda Tafari

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