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Greetings & Love !


Welcome to the on-line archives of Ras Cos Tafari.  I established I Negus Records International

(INRI) initially as a record label to release my musical works. This has evolved to include  some of the broader cultural works I have been involved in over the years. Records of a few high profile community works are accessible here including the unprecedented Exhibition entitled ‘Ras Tafari The Majesty & The Movement’. This landmark Exhibition launched at the National Museum of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa on May 25th (African Liberation Day) 2014 through the pioneering organisational work of Dr Desta Meghoo based in Ethiopia. Click on the  tab above for all newsletters and the Chronicles. 


Various other selected articles are accessible on the drop down tabs for viewing including a range of photographs capturing the journey of 'time and experience' in Jamaica, UK  & Africa .  A selection of tracks from my first three albums are available here.  'I Negus Records International' is now expanded from 2020 to  include a literary arm  in  the form of the  INRI Magazine. This magazine includes articles from myself and a range of contributors across the world who are cultural activists or involved in the creative arts.  I am constantly inspired to work with like-minded ones who  are pro-active  in the  liberation of  our peoples  from  the  residues of  physical & mental slavery.  

This is my ongoing contribution to the collective upliftment of  Jah people.  I extend positive vibes for the progress  of  all nations  towards  overcoming  negativity and moral corruption, to  ascend towards peaceful co-existence, harmony and  co-operation.  This is the time ! ' The Truth Will Set You Free Absolutely ' !   Check out the magazines by clicking on the icons below and listen out for further musical and cultural works being released in 2023.  Jah Bless  ! 

 One  Love                                                                                                                         Email :  &       Cos Wadadda Tafari                                                                                                                                                              Tel : +44 (0)7935 037060

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