Rally Round

Executive-Producer – Roonghu Koongku
Liner Notes, Vocals – Cos Wadadda Tafari*
Mastered By – Ian Irie
Musician, Other [Thanks To] – Control Tower, Rico Gaultier*, Hornsman Cayote*, Hugues Valot*, I Natural*, Kheru Jonah Dan*, Manjul, Mellow Mood, Mighty Prophet, Nico Selambin*, Reuben Addis, Skorpi Gad

Track 1 voiced at Arkology Studio
Track 4 voiced at Arkology Studios
Track 6 voiced at Ten Strings studio in Leeds around 2006
Track 10 voiced at Studio 129H in Paris, France
Track 11 voiced at Nomadix studio
Track 12 voiced at Roots Hi Tek studio

Lyrics copyright owned by I Negus Records International
A 50th Jamaica Independance anniversary release 2012
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    Track Listing
    1. Royal Salutions
    2. Rally Round
    3. Disobedient Children
    4. Me Ah Wonder
    5. Twelve Tribes
    6. Got To Prosper
    7. Secure The Victory
    8. I Ah Noh Victim
    9. Never Waan Learn
    10. The Latest Trend
    11. Travelling
    12. Prophet Priest King
    13. A Message
    14. Garvey Poetically
    15. Orthodox Chant